Virtual CIO


 Our VCIO service provides companies with the flexibility of engaging on-demand leadership when business requirements call for technology expertise. Most small-to-medium businesses simply cannot afford to hire a traditional CIO. The value proposition in opting for a VCIO is defined by the acceptance criteria of the resulting deliverables, thereby guaranteeing every engagement produces the desired result. 

Technology Innovation


 The term “innovation” has become a corporate buzz word, and many companies find themselves overwhelmed at the perceived costs to innovate. Our Technology Innovation service is designed to be a catalyst. The objective is to apply process improvement, leverage existing technology investments, and analyze the marginal product of labor. The value proposition is defined by achieving measurable cost avoidance from efficiency gains. The resulting “savings” can then be redirected into pioneering efforts. 

Cybersecurity Compliance


Cybersecurity compliance is not an interchangeable term with "cybersecurity protection." Robust and well-defined cybersecurity measures, that are correctly implemented and maintained, will greatly reduce the risk of noncompliance. Our Cybersecurity Compliance service, tailored for either public sector (FAR/DFARS/NIST) or private sector (ISO/IEC 27001), provides a graded-assessment of your current environment, documentation templates, training materials, supplemental materials, and optional guidance that can be applied to an action plan for addressing major and minor deficiencies.